Thursday, November 5, 2015

igd bombay art training institute

     IGD art is certificate course of Maharashtra Government,

 IGD is Intermediate Drawing Grade, Intermediate Drawing Grade course is unique course which is gives u 
chance to prove or make career in Arts fields, its diploma course or its necessary course for drawing teacher

 and artist at any government’s establishment organization, If a candidate gets this diploma after no need to 

do B.Ed,

Because after done it students appoint of a drawing teacher at any Inter College hence forth is equivalent to 

the degree of B.Ed, after doing this diploma there are many opportunity to join Government organizations , 

apart for that students eligible for Air Force, Military,Govt Organizations,

School, college, university, gun Factory,  For more information mail us @
After completing course you can appoint as a art teacher, its equivalent B.Ed . or you can do further study 

like Diploma in fine art, MFA, master in fine art, 

igd bombay art on of the best course for those students who will make there career in ART and Craft 

http://www.igdbombayarts.orgindustry,after completing this course student easily get job for all government school, college  as  a art teacher